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How to do the Most of the Guess Work & Get Info From Source Code
The short text to understand the basic.

Contributed by:
Unknown User anonymous2
[01/06/04 | Discuss (2) | Link to this hack]

P.S.:SORRY FOR MY POOR ENGLISH. Well most of you ahve been curious about how to hack:) pretty lame isn't it:P Well you say how to hack iis, in order to gain access in window, that can't be possbile only you will be able to get passwd file from some tricks, but but i dont gran-damn-it you, that u will be able to hack windows compeletly. visit my website:www.geocities.com/haroon_13_from_lahore yea i am the same guy who wrote the mirc tutorial & sold it after introducing the 2 new remote exploits. of any os. to hack. IMPORTANT POINT NO.1. Ok you visit my website, after that will get the password protection, but actually what is the passwd, did i really imported the paasswd from the java script? no ! I didn;t only it looks like the passwd. Heres a cheat get the souce of that page, after that will be see the password area, but waits when u will use that you will not be able to get the rights.! IMPORTANT POINT NO.2. Now you *nixer` can't use Nmap of my websites:) haha. Well here's a easy way use directory name, like index.index1,index2,new,files,data. HERE'S A SECRET OF ASTALAVISTA.NET DONT TELL ANYONE OK:p goto google. use that site command like: site:www.astalavista.net "mysql" BOOM! you will be able to get the /DATA Directory & download that for FREE;) NOTE:MAY B THEY CHANGED THEIR FFILES OR SYSTEM,anyway i gave u the example. now if u want to use that on my website that will not work, why not!huh~? Cuz i told u the guess work. if u type directory or a file of above name may b u can hack it & all the gold can be yours:P i used the same technique, when i downloaded the songs for free, the songs were like this: song01,song02,song04 the song03 was missing i entered that after viewing the srouce , i entered the directory & then file & i got the song for free. This technique also works in some websites, if u visit your isp or any other website then view the source code and enter the directories in the browser you will be able to get the most things, especially that ws_ftp.log;) IMPORTANT NOTES: IF U CAN ACCESS MY WEBSITE , I EXCLUDED THAT MIRC GOLD EDITION WHICH CAN HACK ANYONE'S PC, FROM THE 2 TRICKS, SO DONT ASK ME I WILL NOT GIVE IT TO YOU. YOUR BEST FRIEND IN HACKING: 1.SROUCE OF THE PAGE. 2.ACTIVE BRAIN. 3.SMART & GUESSING, (NOT 2 MUCH). 4.INFO GATHERING. (it's ok IN ADVANCE WAY OR IN LAMERS WAY.)


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