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Disabling desktop monitoring programs
Are you tired of being watched by your boss/teacher at school/work? well then take em out.

Contributed by:
Joshua DaSilva
[01/26/04 | Discuss (0) | Link to this hack]

STEP ONE: Open up notepad and pound on the keyboard. Don't save it. STEP TWO: Click start>log off and click log off STEP THREE: On windows 2000 a notice will pop up telling you to save your program, wait a sec and the end task popup will come up. STEP FOUR: x out of the end task and the program will have been terminated. Explanation: this hack works because windows automaticaly closes all programs when it logs off. opening a newly modified document just allows you to get back to windows after all the running processes are terminated. *Happy Hacking!* |This hack brought to you by Cee4|

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