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Get into any windows xp passworded system
Ever had to work on someones pc and they are using windows xp and you can't get in because no one gave you a password to get in? Let me tell you how. You won't believe me when I tell you!

Contributed by:
Unknown User anonymous2
[02/12/04 | Link to this hack]

I have found that you can get into a passworded system by doing the following; 1. Boot the system using safemode. 2. Go into control panel. 3. Go into user accounts. 4. Pick a user who is an administrator and click on their icon. 5. Click on remove password. 6. Reboot the system in normal mode. 7. Click on the icon of the user who you removed the password. Hello! Your there! Its that easy! Is this a security flaw or what? Its always the simple things that bite us in the behind! jwilliams4@sc.rr.com

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