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Contributed by:
Caley Goff
[02/23/04 | Link to this hack]

The secret behind the BESS firewall are a wonderful thing called PROXIES!!! You see Bess has a port on that most firewalls contain, and its for secuirty purposes, if you while surfing behind the firewall, goes to a page you and you get the ever so freindly dog, if you click authroize read the port listing, if you ever figure out a admins password if you watch the links it will shows you that they are using port 8080, now I reccommend that you get a transparent proxy, and I will say that the speed of a porxy is a must!!!!, or you will be surfing like you are suing dial up, and you must rotate them alot also! depnding on the web browser you are using, in IE(any verison) you goto to TOOLS>CONNECTIONS>LAN SETTINGS> select USE A PROXY SERVER, and in the HTTP slot you will use a proxy server(search for proxy servers@google), and in the port field type in 8080 <---this is a must!!!! And for those of you who use the Famous and renound Netscape, you will have to goto EDIT>PREFERNCES>(and this windows will kind of sort fo look likt he Windows Explorer)in the LEFT hand pane you will see at the very bottom and lil thing that says ADVANCED, click that, PROXIES shall appear, and on the right hand side the familar PROXY settings will appear, time in the IP of a PROXY server on the port of 8080, and you are good to go! I know this because my high school had it and I figure out so many security flaws that they made me assiaantant network admin,

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