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Offset windows and Gain Admin (Must have admin creditental)
Tired of logging out to get that file you need on the administrators side maybe a special script to run administrative tasks on the users desktop. Do you want all of your programs to run as admin without switching the pass on the DC or local account (here is how!)

Contributed by:
Unknown User anonymous2
[03/16/04 | Discuss (1) | Link to this hack]

this hack involves using the windows shell to gain access to the admin desktop. It is actually quite simple to do and is about the same in usefullness as the--SU command running linux/unix. To do so all you need is the admin password for a local or a domain wide account. first enter the command line by executing a shell command or is you are like me and have replaced the process explorer (task manager with another program like CMD) then hit the secure attention sequence.

C:\%USERPROFILE%\ > taskkill /f /IM:explorer.exe
you should have killed the desktop application, now your background should just be showing. now enter the all mighty su command from the command line prompt that you have created in the process.
C:\%USERPROFILE%\ > runass /env /profile /user:<administrator account> "<program name"
change the administrator accoutn and the program name to the appropriate user format using Machine/User or account@FQDN. for the sake of simplicity i will use admin.
C:\USERPROFILE%\ > runas /env /profile /user:admin@somedomain.com "explorer.exe"
once you hit the return or enter key you screen should feeze stdin and ask for a password enter your password and behold your process has joined the ranks of administrative process with all full privlages and other things avaliable to you. Go ahead run that regedit scriplet to do your non-evil bidding and enjoy the fact that you also have access to your documents that you need.

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