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Ctrl, Alt, Delete.
Not really a hack but a way of speeding up things and avoiding many unwanted ads, spyware, auto installs, ect. (Can save you $50 from buying a Adware/Spryware Computer Maintenence type programs) aboregman0033@wowway.com attn: HybridGnRt

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Unknown User anonymous2
[04/17/04 | Discuss (1) | Link to this hack]

This is for "experienced" computer users.

First start out by having all windows and programs closed.

Go to Start, Settings, Control panel, Add/Remove Programs and uninstall all unwanted programs.(Especially Auto installers, Auto updaters, ect, of ads. This helps Considerably with avoiding unwanted PORN pop-ups.)!!!!)

Go to Start, Programs, Accessories, System tools, Disk cleanup. Select drive C:(default) and run a clean up.(frees up space on hard drive).

Go to Start, Search, Type Cookies.(capitol C) This takes a little time and patience. Double click one of the Cookies folders. Fully maximize the window. Scroll your pointer over the files without clicking to get a full name of file. When you see files related to Ads or pop-ups you don't want, Right-Click And Delete. (You can hold shift and click delete to permanantly delete instead of deleting to Recycle bin. Saves a great deal of time). Repeat proccess to other Cookies folders.

Run and display Resource meter. (Watch the beautiful percentages climb) Right click most of the lower right corner task bar icons and Exit/End them. Using Ctrl, Alt, Delete, you can end nearly every task (DO NOT end task with Explorer!!) This frees up much memory, blocks many more pop-ups, and generally helps your computer run smoother. (This is not 100% you may encouter a pop-up here or there, but much less than before) When finished right click and end resource meter if you want.

If you have Questions, want to express gratitude, or think this is childish info and want to cuss me out plz E-mail at aboregman0033@wowway.com Attn: HybridGnRt

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