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Windows Server Hacks
By Mitch Tulloch
March 2004
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Use netsh to Change Configuration Settings
You can use the Windows 2000 Netshell (netsh) command to do some amazing things, including switching your machine between two different network configurations
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If you move your machines around a lot, you know the pain of having to reconfigure their network settings so they can continue to talk on the network. This sort of thing is common in a testbed environment where you are building and testing different network-deployment scenarios prior to rolling out the real thing. You might also have to reconfigure network settings for your computers if you have a routed network with several subnets in one building and frequently move machines from one subnet to another—a common scenario in a physics lab or similar academic environment. Otherwise, if you have a laptop that you need to use at work, at home, and at the sites of several clients, being able to save and reload network configurations would be a real timesaver.

There are a few utilities on the market that allow you to quickly switch between different network configurations. NetSwitcher (http://www.netswitcher.com) is one effective tool. But did you know you can do the same thing using the Windows 2000 Netshell (netsh) command?

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