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Professional Publishing with Excel Table Charts
Use your Excel spreadsheet to create table charts for print publishing.

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Unknown User anonymous2
[06/24/04 | Discuss (0) | Link to this hack]

Attractive tables are often difficult to create in a desktop publishing application. I use Excel worksheets to publish table charts in print catalogs. Spreadsheet application worksheets are a natural environment for creating tables and the work is made easy. The tables are not created using the charting feature of Excel, but are "pictures" of the worksheets themselves. Begin by creating a table in the rows and columns of an Excel worksheet. Format the worksheet any way you want, e.g. apply fonts and colors to the data and background colors to the cells, them highlight all of the cells with the mouse. Hold down the shift key and select "Copy Picture" from the Edit menu (holding down the shift key makes this menu item visible). You'll see a dialog box that asks whether you want the picture as shown on screen or as printed. Choose as printed if you are publishing for print. The table picture is now on the clipboard, and you can paste it into any desktop publishing application (no external file for the table is needed).

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