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Avoid the dreaded replaceAll method
The replaceAll method of the java.lang.String class has an unexpected behavior. Escaped double quotes (\") are unescaped. A sound replacement is org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils#replace(String, String, String).

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Unknown User anonymous2
[06/29/04 | Discuss (4) | Link to this hack]

The java.lang.String#replaceAll(String, String) method has a unexpected behavior. Escaped double quotes are unescaped. So: "a string".replaceAll("string", "\"TEST\"") will not produce a \"TEST\". Instead, the escaped double quotes will be unescaped and thus the output will be a "TEST". A sound replacement for the replaceAll method is org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils#replace(String, String, String). This method will not unescape the double quotes. Hack submitted by Steven Devijver.

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