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OracleAS 10g hacks
Tips and tricks about Oracle Application Server 10g

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Unknown User anonymous2
[08/02/04 | Discuss (1) | Link to this hack]

When installing Oracle Application Server 10g version 9.0.4, the Oracle Universial Installer (OUI) assigns TCP port numbers to every product in the OracleAS 10g product stack. These port numbers are often non-default ports for the various services. For example port 7777 might be assigned to HTTP communication, though most system administrators would probably prefer port 80 for HTTP. Or OUI might assign port 3060 for LDAP, but the system administrator would rather have port 389 for LDAP. A new feature in Oracle Application Server 10g version 9.0.4 is the ability to force the Oracle Universial Installer to use certain port numbers for certain services. The is accomplished by specifying a text file called staticports.ini with information about which ports shall be used for the various services. This file might for example contain the following:

Oracle HTTP Server port = 80 Oracle HTTP Server Listen port = 7778 Web Cache HTTP Listen port = 80

This means that Web Cache shall listen on port 80 as a frontend for Oracle HTTP Server, while Oracle HTTP Server shall service content as if it was using port 80 itself.

The problem is that on Linux and Unix, a regular user, like the oracle user, is not allowed to start services on TCP ports < 1024. So when doing post-install configuration, Oracle Universial Installer will fail while configuring the core component called OPMN as it tries to startup Web Cache on port 80. Now run the following command manually in the shell:

$ORACLE_HOME/webcache/bin/webcache_setuser.sh setroot oracle

If you now go back to Oracle Universial Installer, select the failed OPMN configuration, and click on the Retry button, WebCache should successfully startup on port 80

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