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Open last document in Word and resume previous position
A lot of people want to automatically reopen the last document they were working on and return to the position in the document where they left off. A simple macro will do this for you automatically.

Contributed by:
Unknown User anonymous2
[03/17/03 | Discuss (1) | Link to this hack]

What you need is to record a macro named autoexec as: Sub autoexec() ' ' autoexec Macro ' Macro recorded 7/25/2002 by Ben Ezzell ' RecentFiles(1).Open Application.GoBack End Sub When you start Word, this automatically opens your most recent file and returns you to the point you were last working. You can write this macro manually or create it by recording a macro, selected the first item in the recent files list and then keying SHIFT+F5 to return to your last position.

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