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PDF Hacks
By Sid Steward
August 2004
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Speed Up Acrobat Startup
Move the plug-ins you don't need out of your way
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Both Adobe Acrobat and Reader implement several standard features as modular application plug-ins. These plug-ins are loaded when Acrobat starts up. You can speed up Acrobat startup and clean up its menus by telling Acrobat to load only the features you desire.

One simple technique is to hold down the Shift key when launching Acrobat; this prevents all plug-ins from loading. A longer-term solution is to move unwanted plug-ins to another, inert directory where the startup loader won't find them. Another solution is to create plug-in profiles that are switched using a batch file gateway. This latter solution becomes really useful when combined with context menu hacks .


Keep in mind that omitting plug-ins will alter how some PDFs interact with you. If a PDF seems to be malfunctioning, try viewing it with the full complement of Adobe's stock plug-ins installed.

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