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Word Hacks
By Andrew Savikas
November 2004
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Hack Your Shortcut Menus
To find relevant commands quickly, most Word users head straight for the shortcut menus. But like any Word menu, a shortcut menu is yours for the hacking
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In most applications, you're stuck with whatever the software company decides to put on its shortcut menus (the set of context-sensitive commands that appear when you right-click your mouse). For example, Microsoft must consider hyperlinks extremely relevant; in Word 2003, you can insert a hyperlink from 26 of the 62 shortcut menus!

The shortcut menu you'll probably use most is the Text shortcut menu, which appears when you right-click within the text of a document. This menu is shown in its native form in .

Figure 1. The default Text shortcut menu

Fortunately, you can rearrange any of the 62 shortcut menus in Word according to your priorities. For example, if you insert a lot of comments, the mouse mileage needed to repeatedly select the text and then go up and choose Insert→Comment can really add up. This hack will show you how to give your wrist a rest by moving the Insert Comment command closer to where you're working—onto the shortcut menu.

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