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Categories in Blogger
So you want to have Topics/Categories in Blogger...

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[03/22/05 | Discuss (11) | Link to this hack]

My blog is my Electric Monk. That's one of the reasons I chose Blogger, because of its close relationship with google. I save any usefull tidbits I come across into my blog, and then the google bot comes by and indexes them for me. This enables me to search just my stuff (using the google box on the front page). However, when I started using bloxsom (so as to use features like categories) I found the google bot wasn't visiting anymore. So, I decided to try to implement categories on my blogger blog. Options included using Blogger's ATOM API but I quickly determined that this would still require a lot of coding on my behalf to ensure a consistent look and feel across the site. After a bit of googling, I found some helpfull advice, which has provided a very good starting point. In summary, I now have a master blog, plus a blog for each category I want. I post entries on the category blogs (such as My Stuff - Code). In the Settings --> Email tab for my category blogs, I use the BlogSend Address to automatically mail the post to a gmail alias address. This is forwarded via a gmail filter to the Mail-to-Blogger Address for the master blog.

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