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Install SFU on XP Home
Making Windows Services for Unix (SFU) Install on XP Home Edition.

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[03/27/05 | Discuss (2) | Link to this hack]

SFU on XP Home, will not install, well may be ? It can be done, this is how I installed it. Download Windows Services for Unix (SFU) http://www.microsoft.com/windows/sfu/downloads/default.asp Then go to http://www.microsoft.com/msdownload/platformsdk/sdkupdate/XPSP2FULLInstall.htm Download the PSDSK tools and follow the instructions to install it. Once installed open up a cmd prompt type MKDIR C:\TEMP Extract the SFU to C:\TEMP SET PATH=%PATH%;"C:/ set PATH=%PATH%;"C:/Program Files/Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows XP SP2/Bin" CD C:\TEMP type MsiDB select SfuSetup I exported the lot and searched around in the idt files. I finally found in LaunchCondition.idt I edited this, removed the check for VersionNT and imported the lot back into SfuSetup Then ran Setup from c:\temp, this time it installed. So far I've just tried the ksh and csh shells. Regards Caerwyn PS There is probably lots you can do with the XP SP2 SDK Tools.

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