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Integrating Google Deskbar with a Request System
I configured Google Deskbar with a request-system and got a superb non-flow breaking and non-distracting way to look up the request corresponding to a particular Request-Id that I encounter in the code.

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[03/28/05 | Discuss (0) | Link to this hack]

At my employer we typically like to add a reference in the code, to the ticket-id for which a particular code-change was made. It is often required to lookup the request for a ticket-id that we happen to come across in the code.

To make my task easier, I integrated the request system with Google Deskbar. Now to open the request with Id 205 for example, all I need to do is go to the Deskbar that sits in the Windows Taskbar, type 205 and hit Control-R. Deskbar opens request 205 in IE. This offers a great, non-flow-breaking and non-distracting way to quickly look up the request corresponding to a particular Id.

I have also configured Google Deskbar to search CPAN for Perl modules when I hit Control-M and fire a search at Investopedia.com when I hit Control-F.

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