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Using Your Cell Phone as a Bluetooth Modem
Get online via your Bluetooth-enabled cellphone and AT&T's GPRS service with these comprehensive instructions.
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With Bluetooth finally hailed as a strong buy, it's surprising how little detailed information there is on actually using your new Bluetooth-enabled phone with Mac OS X. When I went searching for instructions on setting up my Sony Ericsson T68i to allow my Mac to connect to the Internet via AT&T Wireless Services GPRS (a.k.a. mMode) service, I wasn't able to find anything comprehensive. I have been able to piece together instructions from other sites to form a working solution, though. This hack offers step-by-step instructions for getting online via Bluetooth and AT&T mMode.


This hack assumes you are running Mac OS X 10.2 (aka Jaguar) and have a Sony Ericsson T68i mobile phone and iSync via Bluetooth [Hack #32]. For the purposes at hand, make sure both Address Book and Internet Access are checked and click OK.

Figure 1. Choosing services to use with the phone

Now that your phone and Mac are able to talk to each other, we'll work on treating your phone as a Bluetooth modem. Click the Bluetooth menu bar icon and select Open Network Preferences, which will report New Port Detected. Click OK.

From the Location pop-up menu, select New Location . . . , name it Bluetooth, and click OK. From the Show pop up, select Network Port Configurations and uncheck all the boxes except for USB Bluetooth Modem Adapter.

Figure 2. Configuring the Bluetooth location

Now we'll configure the Bluetooth adapter's network/modem properties. From the Show pop up, select USB Bluetooth Modem Adaptor. In the TCP/IP tab, select Using PPP from the Configure pop up. Leave the DNS Servers and Search Domains fields blank. Click the PPP tab. Type AT&T GPRS into the Service Provider field and proxy into Telephone Number, and leave the rest of the fields alone.

Figure 3. Setting up Bluetooth PPP

Click the Bluetooth Modem tab. From the Modem pop up, select Ericsson GPRS CID1, and click Apply Now. That's all for System Preferences; close it using command-Q or System Preferences → Quit System Preferences.

Ready to connect? From the Bluetooth menu bar icon, select Open Internet Connect and click Connect. Your phone will display Connecting and after a few seconds, Internet Connect should show you as being connected to the Internet. To disconnect, click Disconnect.

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