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Get a memory drive out of your digital camera or iPod
In this hack you will learn how to make your iPod or other mp3 player, your digital camera, or just about any digital storage devise act like a memory drive, though sometimes this will give you a spacious advantage (such as with an iPod)

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[04/17/05 | Discuss (1) | Link to this hack]

Ever wonder if there were a way to have a digital storage devise by just using something that you already own? Such as your iPod or Digital Camera, then listen closely.

Your digital devise, whatever it may be, has a mechanism much like a hard drive, which in fact performs exactely like one. Some of you may have discovered this on your iPod by simply dragging stuff into it on purpose or by accident, but I bet that you didn't have a clue that you could do it with a digital camera.

Its quite simple, just plug in your digital device into your computer and then drag a folder or a file, any file, to your devise, it will copy, and then you will have it forever or until you remove it available for open access to anyone who plugs that device into their computer. It makes great for backups or for keeping your favorite programs accessible on your laptop, such as photoshop, without filling up your entire library.

Beleive it or not, you can even install an operating system (povided you havce enough disk space) onto your digital device.

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