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Losing saved folder views in XP desktop folders
A documented annoyance in XP is a sudden and irreparable loss of memory between different folders even after all precautions have been taken. Here is a fix.

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[05/16/05 | Discuss (0) | Link to this hack]

When XP finally goes beserke and loses it's memory of views you have assigned to various desktop folders, here is a fix. On a whim, I installed the free downloadable PowerDesk from v-com.com recommended in 'Windows XP Hacks', O'Reilly Books by Preston Gralla, and fell in love with it. After gaining familiarity, I found a setting that let PowerDesk take the place of MS Explorer. I tried this and noticed that all my desktop folders followed suit. Upon a whim, I changed the PowerDesk setting back to NOT replace 'MS Explorer' and reset all my desktop folders (which are only 'MS Explorer' views) to the 'Icons' view. I then stopped using 'MS Explorer' for any file management at all except desktop folders and hola, my desktop folder views have not wavered in weeks. An added attraction of this is that PowerDesk is absolutely the most easy to use and most powerful desktop manager that I have ever used, and its free. If you are tempted to use 'Briefcase' folders to get around this problem, as I did, don't bother. I soon discovered that 'Briefcase' views are also controlled by 'MS Explorer' and they lose their memory just like desktop folders do.

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