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Conversion of slides to digital images efficiently
Convert your old kodak slides to digital in an efficient manner.

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[07/18/05 | Discuss (1) | Link to this hack]

I set up the slide projector and screen in a dark room, then place a digital camera on a tripod directly behind the slide projector, lined up with the projector lense. Using the zoom on the camera, frame as close as possible on the slide. Be sure to have all slides in landscape position; you can crop and rotate in the computer. Your camera has to be set to shoot without the flash. Then just shoot and advance to the next slide. Continue until the camera card is full or the carosel needs changing. It does go fast, and the quality is fair, all dependent on the megapixels of your camera. I use a Canon Digital Rebel, and have converted thousands of slides for family and friends.

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