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FreeBSD - Giving up on buffers error with ext3 drives
The problem is that when you mount ext3 (Linux) drives in FreeBSD and reboot, you get a message on Giving up on Buffers ... and after the reboot the file systems are considered "unclean" and checked with fsck.

Contributed by:
Srini S
[07/29/05 | Discuss (0) | Link to this hack]

You load and access Linux ext3 partitions in FreeBSD. However when you reboot the system, you get the message Syncing buffers "n" and then after some time the message "Giving up on buffers <m>", m buffers not freed. Subsequently when you reboot the system, these drives are considered unclean. Hack: Edit the file /etc/rc.shutdown After the line # Insert other shutdown procedures here, add the line umount -a -t ext2fs This will ensure that all your ext3 drives are unmounted cleanly.

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