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Your Cell Phone's Email Address
A SIMPLER way to find out your cell phone's email address

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[08/24/05 | Discuss (4) | Link to this hack]



The O'reilly book "eBay Hacks, 2nd Edition" has a hack on pg. 14 called

Hack #4 "Receive Feedback Notifications"

"Have eBay email you or send a text message to your cell phone whenever someone leaves feedback for you."

At the top of pg. 15 there's a tip with the thumb-tack icon which states (in part) "If you'd like to receive notifications on your cell phonw, contact your wireless provider to determine your cell phone's email address."

This is not the easy way to do it.

This is the easy way to do it.

1. Pick up your cell phone.

2. Open your cell phone.

3. Navigate to your Contacts list. Create an entry for your personal/business email address.

Note: If step 3 is un-necessary, please feel free to skip step 3, as it is un-necessary.

4. Navigate to your cell phone's text message app.

5. Create a text message.

6. Address it to your home/business email address.

7. Press SEND.

8. Log in to your personal/business email account, find the email sent to you from your cell phone. (The From: address should be your cell phone number followed by @yourprovider.com.)

For example, text messages from Verizon Wireless, come from 3211234567@vtext.com (where 3211234567 is your area code & phone number.)

Take note of the address which starts with your cell phone number. That's your cell phone's email address.

This may seem like a lot of steps, but it's really quick 'n easy.

It just boils down to "Pop off a quick txt msg (text message) to you regular email address, then check your email to find the txt msg and note the "From" address.

I hope to see this revision in the next O'Reilly eBay Hacks book (and possibly the next book(s) on Wireless Hacks, Cellular Hacks, & Internet Hacks) - Not necessarily in this format - but hopefully no-one will have to waste time calling their provider and waiting on hold for several hours to get info from them that they could get in moments for the cost of one (1) txt msg (assuming your carrier charges you).

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