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Creating your own browser title in Mozilla Firefox
Ever wondered how you can change the text in the blue bar at the top of your Firefox browser? Read on to find out how...

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[09/17/05 | Discuss (0) | Link to this hack]

Say I wanted to change the text in the blue bar at the top of the Firefox browser window. How can I do it? Well, first of all you need to think of something to put in the title bar - for the sake of this example, I'll use the phrase "I love Firefox!". When you've thought of something to put in there, you need to download the Firesomething plugin from the Cosmic Cat Creations site (http://www.cosmicat.com/extensions/firesomething/ ). When you've installed this - you should get random titles in the title bar (example here: http://www.cosmicat.com/software/firesomething/ss01.png ). Then, you need to type about.config into the address bar, and find the 'firesomething.list.prefixes' and firesomething.list.names' tags. In the value field for each tag is a long list of names seperated by a | sign. Just double click on firesomething.list.prefixes value field and type in 'Firefox(space)-(space)'. Next, double click on firesomething.list.names value field and type in what you want to customise the browser title to - I'll put 'I love Firefox!' but you can have whatever you want - your girlfriend's name, your company name, whatever. Then just close all Firefox windows and restart them. You should see the name you entered in the about:config page. That's it - be aware that it's easy to undo - just find the 'firesomething.list.prefixes' value field, right click it and click Reset and then find the 'firesomething.list.names' value field, right click it and click Reset. Then just restart Firefox by closing all Firefox windows down and opening them up again!

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