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Converting an ASCII top 100 list to a dynamic web site
In a nutshell, I converted an ASCII book list that I loved (located at: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Cavern/6113/top100.html) into a more navigable list in HTML.

Contributed by:
Byrne Reese
[04/23/03 | Discuss (1) | Link to this hack]

Here is the hack: http://majordojo.com/fantasybooks/ Summary: What is this book list?

One day I was jones'n for a new fantasy book to read. Honestly I have found it difficult to find a fantasy book or a series that I enjoyed half as much as I enjoyed Lord of the Rings, but I ventured into the wild unknown of the internet looking for some advice on what to pick up next. That's when I stumbled across a site that looked like it had compiled a very good list of science fiction and fantasy books. There was one problem: it was in ASCII only. While certainly functional, it was not very usable. I ended having to cut and paste a zillion titles into Amazon just to find out a little bit about each book. It got tiresome, and it dawned on me that this list would considerably more fun to navigate if it was browsable like an online book store. So I set off to convert this ASCII book list into what you see today.

How does it all work?

Each week, the ASCII book list is updated and each week a little piece of majordojo software wakes up to obtain the newly updated list. It then conducts an exhaustive search of Amazon looking for books on the list and builds a collection of books that are navigable through a few simple pages. It makes it easy to identify new books that have appeared on the list, as well highlighting those books that are rising in popularity on the list the quickest.

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