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Nokia Smartphone Hacks
By Michael Juntao Yuan
July 2005
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Use Calling Cards with Your Mobile Phone
Use a discount-rate calling card without the hassle of manually dialing PINs or even access numbers. Also, make the calling card work with your Contacts program
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Calling cards are good companions for mobile phones. Mobile phone calling plans, especially regional plans, sometimes have expensive long-distance rates. Even for national plans, the rates for international calls are often very expensive. Using calling cards, you can call in a local or a 1-800 access number, and then have the calling card service connect you to the destination number via a landline or even the Internet at very cheap rates. You'll still use up your plan minutes, but you won't pay as much in long-distance charges.


Long-distance calling cards discussed in this hack are different from prepaid mobile phone cards discussed in "Use Prepaid Calling Cards" .

However, making a calling card call on a mobile phone manually can be a real hassle. You have to key in a 10-digit access number; wait for the prompt; key in the PIN code (which is normally longer than 8 digits); wait for the prompt; and finally key in up to 16 digits of destination phone numbers (in the case of an international call). Try that when you are walking or driving! Fortunately, a couple of tricks are available that can make it easier to use calling cards.

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