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Dual Boot Knoppix with Loadlin 1.6c

I dual boot Knoppix 3.4 with Windows95 using loadlin1.6c as a bootloader.(It's actually a triple boot as I also have a Peanut Linux 8.4 install on my second hard drive.)

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[10/17/05 | Discuss (0) | Link to this hack]

I used the tohd cheatcode to copy Knoppix to my second hard drive(hdb10) Hack#5

I thought " Why must I continue to use the Knoppix CD to boot from the hard drive?" I downloaded Loadlin1.6c which is needed to boot 2.4 kernels (I haven't tried to boot the2.6 kernel but I'm seem to recall reading somewhere that loadlin won't work with 2.6 kernels) after some trial and error I hit on the code that would boot Knoppix .

To use loadlin you must be in true Dos mode, not in a Dos window in Windows 95 . First copy the Linux24 image and the minirt24.gz files to the root directory of your C:\ drive. Loadlin is installed in C:\Loadlin.

Here is my Kp.bat file which boots Knoppix from Dos:

cd loadlin

loadlin C:\linux24 root=/dev/hdb10 initrd=minirt24.gz BOOT_IMAGE=knoppix fromhd=/dev/hdb10 screen=800x600 depth=24 myconfig=scan home=scan

The second line is all on one line in the batch file. After BOOT_IMAGE=knoppix are the cheat codes I use to type at the boot: prompt on the Knoppix start screen. The minimum you would have to use would be "fromhd" although it would boot without that it would look for a CD first and then scan the hard drives for a CD image. It's much faster if you tell it where to look.

Here is my config.sys file in Windows 95 which gives me a menu to choose Win95, Linux or Knoppix:

menuitem=Win95, start Windows 95... 
menuitem=Linux, start Linux...
menuitem=Knoppix, start Knoppix...


[Win95] (or [Win98])



The menudefault means if you don't pick one it defaults to Win95. The 15 after Win95 is the time(in seconds) you have to make the choice. You could change it to Linux or Knoppix and/or change the time to more or less seconds.The code under Win95 is the parameters for starting Windows.

Here is the autoexec.bat that allows the menu to work:

goto %config%

:Win95 (or :Win98)

cd loadlin



Try it! It runs much faster than from the CD.

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