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cloning disks over the network
I needed to clone a number of notebook hdd's for a small rollout. I'm a lazy bastard so I thought the easiest way to do this was over the LAN.

Contributed by:
Merritt Krakowitzer
[05/19/03 | Discuss (2) | Link to this hack]

First boot up the target machine, you need have an sshd daemon running on the target machine with a network interface. In my case I used the gentoo linux bootable cd.

start the sshd daemon with
#/etc/init/sshd start
you will also need to change the root passwd
If you need more info RTFM.

next bootup the machine you are going to clone, login as root and type the following

#dd if=/dev/hda bs=10k | ssh $TARGET_IPADDRESS
\ dd of=/dev/hda bs=10k

Wait a couple of hours and your done.

Note: The drive geometry needs to be exactly the same. There are probably better ways to do this.

See also: man ssh
man dd

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