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Cloning linux
Cloning a running linux-system with rsync

Contributed by:
Peter Schillerwein
[05/31/03 | Discuss (1) | Link to this hack]

This clones a running linux-system (really):

rsync -v -r -p -o -g -D -t -S -l -H \
--exclude /mnt/   \
--exclude /proc/ \
--exclude /tmp/ \
--exclude /home/ / /mnt/fireball/
The target-disk is /mnt/fireball in my case. We assume the target-disk is empty at the first time. My home is on a another disk, so i skip it . The options are:
# next time(s):
If you want to see first what happens, add:
Boot from a CD-ROM and mount the target-disk. Fix fstab and lilo.conf. Create /mnt and /proc and set the right permissions (for this directories). Then run lilo and reboot. Next time you run rsync, add these option to the command-line:
--exclude /etc/fstab \
--exclude /etc/lilo.conf \
Be carefull. This procedure works with a full-blown woody (~70,000 files).

See also: man rsync

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