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BlackBerry Hacks
By Dave Mabe
October 2005
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Add Users to the BES in Bulk
Use a specially formatted file to add multiple users to your BlackBerry Enterprise Server in one fell swoop, saving you lots of pointing and clicking
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When a new user needs to be added to your BlackBerry Enterprise Server, normally you would add the user using the standard Add User function in the BlackBerry Management Console. You would choose to add a new user and then pick her name from your company's address list. For one user at a time, this process works just fine. Would it still be as easy if your company just bought another company and you had to add 50 new users to your BES? Of course not—that is far too many points and clicks. As BlackBerry users, we like to find efficient ways to accomplish tasks.

There is a way to add multiple users to your BlackBerry Enterprise Server all at once instead of one at a time. It requires a little work ahead of time.

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