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Egobot (by Philipp Lenssen)
This bot [ http://blog.outer-court.com/egobrowser/egobot.php ] answers to anything imaginable using the Google Web API as data source.

Contributed by:
Unknown User anonymous2
[06/01/03 | Discuss (0) | Link to this hack]

All Egobot does is reformulate a question into a Google query, and read out the description of the page returned by the Google Web API. E.g. the question "Who directed Full Metal Jacket?" would be rephrased into "Full Metal Jacket, directed by ...", where the missing words make the answer. Here's a sample interview: "You ask: What is your name? Egobot says: My name is captain, captain You ask: Where are you born? Egobot says: I am born to preach the gospel, listen, listen You ask: How do you answer? Egobot says: I answer ? You ask: Can you dance? Egobot says: I can dance - introduction to ballet for children (1989) You ask: Do you have a brain? Egobot says: I do have a brain You ask: Where are you living? Egobot says: I am living heart first in the new millennium when my thoughts, words and actions come from my radiant heart You ask: Do you have hobbies? Egobot says: I do have hobbies i squeeze in when i have the time You ask: What is your purpose? Egobot says: My purpose is simple: to communicate a new and clean perspective of life which i often refer to as clear awareness" -- Egobot, May 25, 2003

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