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Display your Amazon.com wishlist, listmania list or your Marketplace seller items by copying and pasting a small piece of javascript onto your web page.

Contributed by:
Paul Millar
[06/26/03 | Discuss (0) | Link to this hack]

Using the Amazon API, ASP.Net and XSLT I have coded up a simple web service which allows anyone to place their Amazon.com, (international Amazon sites coming soon), Wishlist, Listmania list(s) and / or Marketplace seller item(s) onto their website.

All you have to do is goto the Amazonbox webpage and read the instructions given - the hardest part is trying to find the ID number for your particular list on Amazon, but, hopefully this has been explained on the web page successfully! - and copy and paste a small bit of javascript onto your webpage. The list displayed can also be customised using CSS.

It works by making an XMLHTTP call to Amazon, retrieving and caching the relevant XML page returned and transforming the XML, using XSLT, into javascript which is then displayed on the web page. My own Amazon.com Wishlist is displayed as an example on the information page for AmazonBox.

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