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Gaming Hacks
By Simon Carless
October 2004
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Make a Profit in Vana'diel
How to make good money in Final Fantasy XI through auctions and smart sales
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Final Fantasy XI Online (FFXI) is the most heavily subscribed Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game as of early 2004. It is a great game, carrying on the traditions of the single-player Final Fantasy franchise and fantasy online games such as EverQuest.

There's an old adage that money makes the world go 'round. It applies just as much in the world of Vana'diel as it does in real life. The unit of currency in FFXI is the gil, and to succeed as an adventurer you'll need a lot of it. At higher levels, monsters drop gil on a regular basis, but to begin with you'll make most of your money through questing, selling to NPC vendors, and one of the best features of FFXI: the Auction Houses.

Questing for Profits

Questing in Final Fantasy XI is a lucrative and entertaining way to add meaning to the everyday grind. Each starting city has a variety of simple quests that can net you a decent amount of gil for a minimum of fuss. To start you on your way, shows a few quests for each of the three starting cities.

Table 0. FFXI city quests




Quest description

San d'Oria

North San d'Oria

F-6, looking out over the deck

Speak with Secodiand. He is looking for bat wings. Every 2 bat wings you bring him nets you 200 gil. Repeatable.

San d'Oria

San d'Oria Port

G-7, in the pub

Speak with Nogelle. She wants Lake Lufet Salt, which drops from River crabs. Every 3 units of salt nets you 600 gil. Repeatable.

San d'Oria

San d'Oria South

K-6, in the pub

Speak with Legata. He seeks flint, which drops from worms. Every 4 flints nets you 100 gil. Repeatable.


Bastok Markets

L-8, in the Trader's Home

Salimah is looking for ingredients for a dish she's working on. She takes Treat Bulbs, Wild Onions, and Sleepshrooms. You'll earn a 100-gil reward, unless you time it right. Repeatable.

From 6:00 to 11:59, Treant Bulbs are worth 200 gil. From 18:00 to 5:59, Sleepshrooms are worth 200 gil. From 12:00 to 17:59, Wild Onions are worth 350 gil.


Bastok Mines


Gerbaum is looking to have Zeruhn Mines creatures slain. Bring him 3 Zeruhn Soots and he'll reward you with 150 gil. Repeatable.


Bastok Markets


Aquilina is looking for flint to light her oven. They drop from worms. 4 flints will net you 100 gil. Repeatable.


Windhurst Port

G-5, behind the warehouses

One of the best early-level quest stories around. Speak to Kohlo-Lakolo to start the Star Onion Brigade quests. You'll need to turn in a rarab tail, dropped by a bumblebee.


Windhurst Woods


Illu wants someone to clear crawlers out of the area. Bring her 3 silk thread or 3 crawler calculi to net 600 gil. Repeatable.


Windhurst Waters

L-6, in the Aurastery

Moreno-Toeno is looking for a Two-Leaf Mandragora Bud and a Bird's Feather. The turn-in nets you 250 gil. Repeatable.

Auction Houses

Every major city has a few Auction Houses where players can buy and sell goods. The AHs within a city tie into one another, so a sword up for sale in Windhurst Waters will also appear in Windhurst Walls.

There are different categories of items available for you to peruse. When putting an item up for sale, look under the category of the item you want to sell. If you're selling a Bronze sword, bring up the Weapons screen. On the screen you can choose the type of item you wish to sell. Select Bronze Sword to place a bid if there are any up for sale, sell an item, or review the item's sales history.

Before selling an item, always check the price history. The AH is a powerful tool for valuing equipment and goods. A sale occurs when a player places a bid on an item at or exceeding the amount of money the selling player asks for the item. If there are many items with the same price that meet those criteria, the buyer buys the oldest item up for sale. If Bronze Swords are selling for 150 gil, you might place it up for auction for 170 gil, hoping to make a better deal. If your item is the only Bronze Sword up for auction, the first bid at or more than 170 gil will win your item. Your house Moogle will hold onto the gil you gain from an auction until you retrieve it from him.

That's how to buy and sell. How do you profit? Two of the best ways to work the Auction House are farming and timing.

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