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Halo 2 Hacks
By Stephen Cawood
September 2005
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Kick Around a Soccer Ball
Find the hidden soccer ball
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If you're looking for an interactive Easter egg, then the giant Halo 2 soccer ball is probably your best choice. Some people in the Halo community came up with an elaborate way to get at this Easter egg. The general idea was to lure a Banshee through the Metropolis tunnels and then hijack it just before a cut scene. Refer to the Scarab gun hack for more information about this technique. Jacking a Banshee allows gamers to fly to the location of the egg. However, a more straightforward method is available.

First, you will need to grab the Sputnik skull . This will allow you to grenade jump considerably higher than normal. Next, make your way through Metropolis until you pass by a water fixture and reach the mission objective "Regroup with Marine forces in the city-center." This is just past the location of the Catch skull . After the water fixture, you will come out into an open street and the soccer ball building will be straight in front of you (see ).

Grenade jump from the ledge at the base of the building to the area that has been damaged (see and ).

After that, it's a simple matter of jumping on the iron bars to get up to the top of the roof. You will need to jump on three different broken girders to get to the roof (see ).

Once you have jumped up the girders, you can simply crouch jump up to the level of the soccer ball. After jumping to the roof, the room with the Catch skull is only a short walk to your right (see ).

Figure 1. The soccer ball building

Figure 2. The landing zone for your grenade jump

Figure 3. Near the top of the grenade jump

Figure 4. The first and second girders

Figure 5. Straight ahead to the egg

The giant ball is hiding in a dark room just around the corner (see ).

Figure 6. The famous giant soccer ball

Many people have commented that the soccer ball is one of the most random Easter eggs that they have seen. Have fun kicking it around (see ).

Figure 7. Kickin' around the ball

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