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iPod and iTunes Hacks
By Hadley Stern
October 2004
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Get Your Email on Your iPod
Sync your iPod with your email client, so you can read emails on the move.
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With the latest version of the software that runs on the iPod, Apple has built in the Notes function We are going to use it to get your email onto your iPod.

As with getting news onto the iPod, you'll need to sync your iPod with a computer, because the iPod is not currently a networkable device. Using email on your iPod is not like having a Blackberry or Internet-enabled Palm; you won't be able to delete mail or answer it, but you will be able to read it. This can come in handy if you have a long commute—sync your email in the morning, and read it while listening to tunes. Once you get to work, you can delete or answer messages you've already read on your computer.

There are several programs for checking email on your iPod, and in this area, Windows users are actually ahead of the game for once! That's because using K-Pod (http://k-deep.com/k-pod.htm; donateware), you don't have to have an email client installed on your machine in order to sync your inbox with your iPod; K-Pod connects directly to your email server. On the Macintosh side, PodMail (http://www.podmail.org; freeware) will also let you read your email. As with K-Pod, you can transfer IMAP and POP accounts; however, for POP accounts you will need to use Mac OS X's Mail application as your email client. In addition, PodMail will let you check your .Mac email account directly.

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