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Opening the Box
Pop the top off your TiVo unit
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Now it's time to get down and dirty. Let's pop that box open.

First things first: unplug the power cord from your TiVo and wait five minutes for it to discharge. Do not—I repeat, do not—plug the TiVo back in until you are all finished.


The TiVo, just like any desktop computer, has a pretty large power supply mounted inside its case. No matter how long you leave the TiVo unplugged, it can still hold a sizeable charge. Be careful to avoid it as best you can, trying not to brush a stray elbow against it, lest you find out just how far you can jump.

In addition to protecting yourself from your TiVo's power supply, be very careful of static electricity, which can destroy your TiVo's internal parts. A good idea before you begin is to touch a large grounded metal surface with your hands to dissipate any electricity your body has built up. It's a very bad idea to open your TiVo up on a carpet.

Depending on your TiVo's lineage (see earlier in this chapter for the four types of TiVo architectures), it'll have a different number of screws on the back to remove with your screwdriver. TiVos of type 1 have three Torx screws on the back, type 2s have four Torx screws on the back that are surrounded by the top of the TiVo's case, and Tivos based on type 3 architecture also have four Torx screws. The Sony SVR-3000 (the sole member of type 4) is a beast of a different color: it has two Philips screws on the back, surrounded by silver from the top of the case. Remove these screws and the two large-head screws on each side of the unit.

Once the screws are removed, you have to remove the lid; this sometimes doesn't actually turn out to be as easy as it sounds. The tried and true method is to place the TiVo on the floor and to kneel down with your knees at the front of the TiVo. Place your palms on the top-side edges of the TiVo, toward the middle of the TiVo's cover, and push toward the back of the TiVo. Start with a small push, but don't be surprised if you have to use the force of your entire body to jar the lid loose. If this method fails, you can try using a flathead screwdriver or similar device between the top-front of the TiVo and the lid. Eventually, you will jar the cover loose, and it will slide back and then up. Remove the cover from the TiVo.

And you're in.

— Michael Adberg and Jeff Shapiro, WeaKnees.com

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