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Super Jump on Zanzibar
If this hack is done correctly, you will fling up in the air and be on top of a roof just across from the windmill.

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[01/05/06 | Discuss (0) | Link to this hack]

This is a super jump. To do this hack, play mutli-player and any type of rules and any weapon. First, go to the place that has the gate. Next, go up the ramp beside the plasma gernades. There will be two windows and a battle riffle. Break the second window farthest away when you get up there. There will be some pieces that are unable to be broken. One piece will be big and closest to the ground. Crouch under the piece and keep on holding foward. If you let go, you will still be crouching, even if you let go of the crouch button. You can let go of the crouch button, if you want. Then jump and still hold forward. Keep on pressing the A button to be sure you will fling up. If done correctly, you will fling up in the air and come down on the roof.

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