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Ghost Driving on the Wall into a Perfect Sniping Place
This hack will allow you to drive a Ghost to a area where only Banshees are sopposed to go.

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[01/06/06 | Discuss (0) | Link to this hack]

This hack is a trick. First off, play any type of game in mutli-player on Coagulation. I recommend that you have some type of sniping gun. Go to the blue base and have a Ghost to drive. There is a area to snipe people that takes a Banshee to get there. Secondly, there will be a hill looking part on the wall. Drive the Ghost up the hill part and use boost. Turn left going into a area that has a area. Make sure you use boost the whole time. If done properly, you will have a Ghost in an area where only Banshees are supposed to be! This area is a perfect area to snipe and this hack is basicaly used when there is no Banshee availible.

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