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Deal with a chargeback
This article tells you how to deal with a chargeback on a Non-tangible item and get your money back!

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[01/26/06 | Discuss (2) | Link to this hack]

I use to sell virtual items for an online game called Star Wars Galaxies. Because the goods I sold were non-tangible, people were able to chargeback the item they had purchased by saying it was not delivered. After getting ripped off out of over a $1,000 worth of merchandise I decided to try something new. The next time someone did a chargeback after I had delivered goods for the game, I simply went to the Post Office and mailed the person an empty envelope with confirmation which was about $2. I went home, submitted this the confirmation ID to PayPal and within a couple days PayPal reversed the chargeback and gave me my money. Unfortuneatly this will only work with verified users with a confirmed address. It can save you some bucks though, especially if you sell online guides or anything non-tangible of that nature where people can easily chargeback because you have no tracking ID.

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