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Banshee-Rocket Launch
Get higher with a rocket and a Banshee!

Contributed by:
[01/28/06 | Discuss (5) | Link to this hack]

Get to higher places with a Banshee and a Rocket!

First, what you do is start a custom game with overshields. Choose a map with a Banshee (perferably Coagulation to fully appreciate), grab a Rocket Launcher (make your primary weapon Rocket Launcher), and grab the Banshee. Fly up, and press ^(left thumbstick)+A. Jump out right after that, and fall to the ground.

Now, here comes the difficult part.

When the Banshee falls, try to get under it and melee (with the RL) it so it falls on its back. Pick a direction (the way the wing points). Jump on the bulbous part at the end of a wing, and aim up at the the bulbous part on the other wing. Shoot+X at the same time. You should go flying.

Use crouch and left thimbstick to aim where you want to land.

Final direction:Have fun!

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