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Small Port Scanner
A small tcp/udp port-scanner implemented in bash.

Contributed by:
Luke Bonanomi
[08/06/06 | Discuss (1) | Link to this hack]

Port scanners are like cork-screws. There's never one around when you need one, and you generally need it right away. Even when you aren't in a hurry many distributions (particularly firewall or routing appliances) don't have a C compiler available, making a conventional port-scanner impossible.

This hack takes advantage of bash's little-known integral network support in /dev/tcp/hostname and /dev/udp/hostname to create a full open TCP/UDP port scanner. This version stresses simplicity (and ease of typing) over features, though filtering the output through /etc/services to provide labels for open ports or running multiple scans in parallel to speed the scanning process up would both be neat refinements. (invoke this script as ./scriptname hostname type, where type is udp or tcp

for a in $(yes scan | head -1024)
  (( start++ ))
  if [[ -n $(echo '' > /dev/$2/$1/$start && echo "up") ]];
      echo "Port $start" >> scan;
cat scan;
rm scan;

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