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Zanzibar super-jump
Acheive greater heights in Halo 2 on the map Zanzibar.

Contributed by:
[08/06/06 | Discuss (7) | Link to this hack]

On the map zanzibar, approach the giant wheel from the sea shore. Go to the left side of the wheel structure, and hop up up onto the platform, then up one more level. Now, to your right, their should be a grey curving wall, which is the outside of the rotating structure. Go up to this structure, crouch, and walk straight into it for 3 or 4 seconds. Now, turn around, (it shouldn't matter whether or not you stay crouching) walk over to the edge, then turn back towards the sea. On the ground, there should be a V-shaped crack in the pavement where the pavement meets the ground. Jump onto the center of the crack, and it should shoot you straight into the air. In between the crouching and the jumping, try to keep the time span less than 5 seconds. However, this trick does not always work: sometimes it will work 10 times in a row, sometimes it will take 10 minutes for it to work. I haven't figured out yet how to make it consistently work, but I do know that the jump differs according to which part of the crack you jump onto, and sometimes you will just fall through the map. Also, it seems to work better for me if I aim at the ground while crouching and walking forward. -Tarano

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