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Go inside either base on Coag, and go underneath either one of the colored lights, or the ceiling, and just start jumping, looking at the ceiling. Just repeatedly jump, and after maybe 30 or 40 jumps, you just won't come back down. It will seem like your head is stuck to the ceiling, but if you crouch, you'll be floating in midair. You can break away from this by moving in any direction or jumping.

I haven't yet found out any further application, so right now it's pretty useless, but it might be used to intimidate the enemy--they might think you're a wizard an run away.

A tip: wait till you hit the ground before you hit jump--otherwise you won't know when you've stuck--you'll drop right away, but still make the jumping as rapid as possible.


update: On my last contribution, I told about how to get stuck on the ceiling in Coag. I have now found out not only that it works on any map, but you do not have to be standing under a roof to do it. It will work out in the open. I have also found that once you are floating, you can jump again to get higher.

This might be used to replace grenade jumping, seeing as how you can acheive twice the heighth of a jump. The only disadvantage of the second jump is that you have no momentum- you can't get a running start.


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