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Linux Server Hacks
By Rob Flickenger
January 2003
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Network Monitoring with ngrep
See who's doing what, with a grep for your network interface
Listing: go-ogle
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Listing: go-ogle

use Socket;

open(NG,"ngrep -lqi '(GET|POST).*/(search|find)' |");
print "Go ogle online.\n";
my ($go,$i) = 0;
my %host = ( );

while(<NG>) {

if(/^T (\d+\.\d+.\d+\.\d+):\d+ -> (\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+):80/) {
$i = inet_aton($1);
$host{$1} ||= gethostbyaddr($i, AF_INET) || $1;
$i = inet_aton($2);
$host{$2} ||= gethostbyaddr($i, AF_INET) || $2;
print "$host{$1} -> $host{$2} : ";
$go = 1;
if(/(q|p|query|for)=(.*)?(&|HTTP)/) {
next unless $go;
my $q = $2;
$q =~ s/(\+|&.*)/ /g;
$q =~ s/%(\w+)/chr(hex($1))/ge;
print "$q\n";
$go = 0;

I call the script go-ogle. This will run an ngrep looking for any GET or POST request that includes search or find somewhere in the URL. The results look something like this:

Go ogle online.
caligula.nocat.net -> www.google.com : o'reilly mac os x conference
caligula.nocat.net -> s1.search.vip.scd.yahoo.com : junk mail $$$
tiberius.nocat.net -> altavista.com : babel fish 
caligula.nocat.net -> 166-140.amazon.com : Brazil 
livia.nocat.net -> : lart

It will unescape encoded strings in the query (note the ` in the google query and the $$$ from yahoo). It will also convert IP addresses to hostnames for you (since ngrep doesn't seem to have that feature, probably so it can optimize capturing for speed). The last two results are interesting: the Brazil query was actually run on http://www.imdb.com/, and the last one was to http://www.dictionary.com/. Evidently IMDB is now in a partnership with Amazon, and Dictionary.com's search machine doesn't have a PTR record. It's amazing how much you can learn about the world by watching other people's packets.

Note that you must be root to run ngrep, and for best results, it should be run from the router at the edge of your network.

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