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Linux Server Hacks
By Rob Flickenger
January 2003
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Disk Age Analysis
Easily identify which parts of your disk change frequently
Listing: diskage
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Listing: diskage

# Disk aging report generator
# Written by Seann Herdejurgen
# May 1998

use File::Find;

# Initialize variables

# Check for verbose flag
if ($ARGV[0] eq "-v") {

$ARGV[0]=$ENV{'PWD'} if ($ARGV[0] eq "");

foreach $dir (@ARGV) {
foreach $level (@levels) {
print("\nDisk aging analysis for $dir:\n\n");
print (" mod acc size file\n") if ($verbose);

# Traverse desired filesystems

print(" last num last num\n");
print(" Age (days) modified files accessed files\n");

foreach $level (@levels) {
printf("%4d - %4d %8d Kb %5d %8d Kb %5d\n",$lastlevel,$level,$modified{$level}/1024,$mfiles{$level},$accessed{$level}/1024,$afiles{$level});

printf(" ----------- ----- ----------- -----\n");
printf(" Total %8d Kb %5d %8d Kb %5d\n",$msize,$mtotal,$asize,$atotal);


sub wanted {
(($dev,$ino,$mode,$nlink,$uid,$gid,$rdev,$size) = lstat($_));
$mod=int(-M _);
$acc=int(-A _);
foreach $level (@levels) {
if ($mod<=$level) { $modified{$level}+=$size; $mfiles{$level}++; last; }
foreach $level (@levels) {
if ($acc<=$level) { $accessed{$level}+=$size; $afiles{$level}++; last; }
printf("%4d %4d %6d %s\n",$mod,$acc,$size,$_) if ($verbose);

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