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eBay Hacks
By David A. Karp
June 2005
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Obtaining Sales Records
Extract detailed accounting data from My eBay, or do it automatically with eBay's Selling Manager
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Sellers pay the bills at eBay. Fees are assessed for listings and upgrades (see [Hack #36]), and eBay gets a percentage of the final value of each successfully completed auction.

Any eBay user can check his or her account by going to My eBay → Accounts → Account Status. The fees are broken down individually and cross-referenced by item number. So to see exactly how much a particular auction cost you, just search for the item number, add up the corresponding amounts shown in the Debit column, and subtract any corresponding entries in the Credit column.

A more convenient approach is to use a spreadsheet to organize the data. First, go back and turn off Pagination and choose the appropriate date range. Click Submit and save the resulting page to an HTML file (File → Save As in your browser).


If you want to remove the images and search box from the page, open the HTML file in a text editor and do a few search-and-replace operations before importing it into Excel. Replace every occurrence of <img with <ximg, and every occurrence of <input with <xinput. Save the file when you're done.

Open the page in a web-capable spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel. Highlight all the rows above the table (about 30 rows), and remove them (Edit → Delete). Do the same for all cells below the table. Finally, sort the listing by item number. Select the entire sheet (Ctrl-A), go to Data → Sort, choose "Item" in the first box, and then click OK.

It's not pretty, but it does the job in less than two minutes, and it's free.


If you prefer to do your accounting and reporting off-eBay, you can use Andale Reports (www.andale.com) or Auctiva eBud (www.auctiva.com), both of which offer some additional functionality at some additional cost.

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