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Command Line Calculator
Calculate from the command line thanks to Google and PHP.

Contributed by:
Adam Trachtenberg
[09/09/03 | Discuss (10) | Link to this hack]

This two line PHP script lets you use the Google calculator from your command line.

preg_match_all('{<b>.+= (.+?)</b>}', 
  file_get_contents('http://www.google.com/search?q=' . 
     urlencode(join(' ', array_splice($argv, 1)))), $matches);
print str_replace('<font size=-2> </font>', ',',

To install, save it in a file in a directory in your PATH and run "chmod +x" to make it executable. It's invoked like this:

% calc 21 * 2

% calc 26 ounces + 1 pint in ounces
42 US fluid ounces

% calc answer to life, the universe and everything

If your shell gives you a parse error, place the calculation inside quotation marks.

There's absolutely no error checking in this Hack, so if you enter something that Google doesn't think is a calculation, then you'll likely get a PHP Notice. Likewise, if Google changes its HTML output, the regex could fail. But if this was more robust, it'd no longer be a hack.

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