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email templates for snappermail 1.8.4 (palm os)
Simple way to increase size of the buffer for email signatures so they can be used as templates for frequently sent emails

Contributed by:
Unknown User anonymous2
[10/31/03 | Discuss (1) | Link to this hack]

Snappermail's ability to hold unlimited email accounts means it's practical to set up several with the same reply-to-address and smtp server, but with different signatures.

As selecting an account to use for a new mail is as simple as clicking the drop down menu in the 'to' field, these 'signatures' can serve as templates (with the accounts named appropriately, eg. 'ebay:received')

The signature buffer is normally only 256 characters long, which limits the usefulness of this idea, but luckily this can be changed very simply:

- Use Rsrcedit (freeware), or any similar tool, to open resource 'tFRM 1356' in Snappermail.prc.
- Now open 'Field 1359' and change 'Max Chars' from 255 to 1023

This gives you a whole Kilobyte of signature space for each account. I haven't tried higher values, and of course, even the value here should be treated with caution. This hack has been in place for 3 weeks (with constant use of these large signatures) without any sign of problems.

Not being a programmer I can't explain why this is so easy to do (ie. that nothing needs to be changed in the code), except to hazard a guess that palmOS handles the allocations here, rather than some code internal to the program, and so makes the necessary adjustments to related functions (eg.storage of the signature in Snapper-Prefs-Snpm.pdb) automatically.

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