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chapter 6 email
spam tip and how to avoid worms too.

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Unknown User anonymous2
[11/09/03 | Discuss (2) | Link to this hack]

There was one simple way of avoiding spam that I didnít see chapter 6 of XP hacks, If you spend some extra time searching for a free pop 3 account with a anti spam policy ( I use hotpop.com ). Many of them will block out spam before it comes to you. Thatís if you donít sign up all over the net with advertising companies. People should have a spam email for that something like hotmail.com something that they donít read. And if they need to send email to a company like that they can also go via web base fakemail.org/ . One other thing everyone should know if the download software from people they donít trust (underground) sites exc. DiamondCS WormGuard 3 this app will check for other exe when you install a program and prompt you with selection telling you thereís 2exe or 5exeís . These program saved my comp to many times there was one time it picked up mirc keygen , then weeks later Iím reading some ware Symantec response to this worm. Sweeeeeeet now you can be weeks ahead of the problem. http://wormguard.diamondcs.com.au/

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