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Hack topic suggestion: DVD region initialization problem
Manually re-set the region counter in the iMac DVD player.

Contributed by:
Unknown User anonymous2
[11/13/03 | Discuss (9) | Link to this hack]

I have an iMac with a built-in DVD player, which I use to view my DVD collection. I have video (movie) DVDs from both North America ("DVD Region 1") and from the UK ("DVD Region 2"). Unfortunately, you have to choose which region you wish to make playable in your DVD player...if you want to go from Region 1 to Region 2 playability, you have to re-initialize the DVD player. The problem is that you can only do ths 5 times, before the DVD player becomes "stuck" on the region of your fifth choice. Your can re-set the counter that keeps track of how many times you've switched by formatting your HD and re-installing OS X from scratch, but there must be an easier (i.e. Unix)way! Can anyone suggest a fix via Terminal, or else Applescript, that would manually re-set the number-of-times-I've-switched-regions counter to zero on every start-up (or on every log-in)?

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