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Does Google really drops the "common words"?
When there are common words like from, to, on, in your search text google says those words were not included in the search? Does that mean those words won't affect the final search results?

Contributed by:
Senthoorkumaran Punniamoorthy
[12/04/03 | Discuss (5) | Link to this hack]

Search for Pictures from Jaffna in Google and you will notice that the result excludes the word [from] in the search. Google explitly says that "from" is a very common word and was not included in your search". This misleads people to think that even if we don't include the word [from] the search results will be the same as the case where we purposely include it. The first search returns http://www.senthoor.com as the first result. However if you search for Pictures Jaffna Pictures Jaffna the results returned by Google are different. This time the first result is www.greatestcities.com/Asia/Sri_Lanka/Jaffna_city.html. This raises the real question whether Google really ommits the common words from its search??? Therefore, in my opinion it is better off, including some of the common words in your next seach, if you want them in your search.

See also: http://www.google.com/help/basics.html#stopwords

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